"GOLDEN" 25 was created in 2004 fromexceptional brandy spirits, aged at least 25 years in oak casks. This outstanding brandy was then kept in oak casks for additional 10 years and bottled in limited quantity.

"Makar" 30

Exclusive brandy “MAKAR” was created in historical wine cellars of “MAP” Company in 2004 from the finest brandy spirits, average age running 30 years and older. It was aged in special oak casks for additional ten years.

"Golden" 10

X.O. Collection, 10 years old. This unique Armenian cognac “Golden” contains small particles the pure natural gold. Aged in oak barrels for at least 10 years.

"Mashtots" 15

Saint Mesrop Mashtots (362 - 440) was an Armenian theologian, linguist and hymnologist. He is best known for having invented the Armenian alphabet."Mashtots" brandy is made with the finest grapes from the Araratian Region and aged in oak barrels for at least 15 years.

"Ashot Erkat" 22

Ashot II the Iron (AshotYerkat) (ruled 914–928) was an Armenian King. His reign was filled with rebellions by pretenders to the throne, and foreign invasions, which Ashot fought off successfully. This is how he got the epithet the Iron.

"Paruyr Sevak" 40

Armenian collection brandy “ParuyrSevak” is made of selected fine brandy spirits, aged in oak barrels for at least 40 years. This brandy is kept in barrels for 3 years and bottled in limited quantity.

"Makar" 25

Vintage brandy “MAKAR” is manufactured by means of classical technology process: by blending brandy spirits, which have been aged in oak barrels for 25 years.

"Arame" 30

Arame was the first king of an ancient Armenian country Urartu (860-840 BC). It is known that the nation worshiped and praised their king because due to his significant activities a powerful country was founded on the Armenian plateau.Vintage brandy “ARAME” is blended from brandy spirits, aged in oak barrels at least for 30 years.